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Why Choose a Trained SI Joint Healthcare Provider?

For most of the last century, doctors were taught that the SI joint did not move and therefore could not be a source of low back pain. Today, we know that's not true. Finding a doctor who is well trained in SI joint diagnosis and treatment gives you the best opportunity to understand the true source of your pain and step toward the correct treatment for you.

Trained Doctors Know SI Joint Tests and Indications

Doctors trained in considering the SI joint as a source of pain know which tests -- from provocative tests to SI joint diagnostic injections -- will help indicate or eliminate your SI joint as a cause of pain. And they know how to apply them. Remember, your pain may be due to your lumbar spine or hip, or a combination of problems. Getting the right diagnosis is the only way to discover the right treatment for you.

Since 2009, SI-BONE has trained thousands of healthcare providers worldwide in the use of iFuse Implant System®. Here's what the extensive training entails.

Trained Doctors Are Familiar with the iFuse Procedure

SI-BONE provides doctors extensive training with not only how to diagnose SI joint dysfunction properly, but also the implant surgical technique and its assisting technologies.

The iFuse Implant System® is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion including use in high and low energy fractures of the pelvic ring.

Remember, there are potential risks associated with any surgery, including the iFuse Implant System. It may not be appropriate for all patients and not all patients may benefit.

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