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Clinical Evidence

Safety, Effectiveness, and Reliability

Clinical evidence is imperative and we recognize that product safety, effectiveness, and reliability are critical factors for providing exceptional patient care. 

Clinical Evidence


Research on Prevalence 

of SI Joint Pain

  • 15-30% of individuals with lower back pain complaints actually had problems in their sacroiliac joint.1,2,3,4,5
  • 43% of post-lumbar fusion patients who were experiencing persistent or new onset lower back pain were shown to be symptomatic for SI joint disorders.14
Symptomatic Post-Lumbar Fusion Rates

Rapid and Sustained Pain Relief: 

iFuse: Backed By Evidence

The iFuse Implant System®, available since 2009, is the only device for treatment of SI joint dysfunction supported by significant published clinical evidence, including level 1 clinical data, showing safety, effectiveness and durability, including long lasting pain relief.

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